Let the adventure BEGIN!

Just because you can’t be with your dog all the time doesn’t mean she has to be left at home alone. At doggie playcare, your dog will get plenty of exercise while socializing with other furry friends in a safe, supervised setting. And no more chewing up the furniture, accidents on the carpet, or incessant barking from being lonely and bored at home!

To play at Rex & Roxy's, your dog must:


Full day (5+ hours) $25
Half day (<5 hours) $17

* For multiple dog households, the first dog is full price and each subsequent dog is 50% off!

PlayCare FAQ

How do you maintain order in a dog group?

With calm assertiveness from an experienced dog person--our leader of the pack. Our trained leader keeps a constant eye on each dog group, intervening immediately as necessary to maintain safety and comfort. If a dog misbehaves, we will place him/her in a comfortable time-out area for a brief period. We also group dogs by personality. This arrangement gives the dog with a strong need to play all day the type of playmates that will join in play. It also gives the quieter, calmer dog a comfortable, low-key environment.

What are your admission policies for All-Day Play Care?

Your dog must be 8 months or older, and weigh, as an adult, 35 pounds or less. He/she must be spayed or neutered, and be in generally good health. We will accept a dog with physical limitations as long as he/she is can move about unassisted. Your dog must have the following vaccinations completed and current: Rabies; DHLP; Parvo and Bordetella (Kennel Cough.) Additionally we will invite your dog to check out our Dog House to see if he/she enjoys being here; and to see if he/she mixes well with other dogs. We cannot accept the following breeds: American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Bull Terrier, or any mixed breeds of bull terrier descent. Breed notwithstanding, your dog must demonstrate an ability to interact with other dogs in a non-aggressive manner.

Why must my dog weight 35 pounds or less to be eligible for All-Day Play Care?

The short answer is space. Rex & Roxy's is first and foremost a house, with intimate and comfortable spaces better suited to the exercise and play habits of smaller dogs. We use 35 pounds as a hard and fast, objective limit.

What happens if my dog weighs 35 pounds now but gains weight after joining All-Day Play Care?

Almost every dog gains weight as he/she ages. Rest assured we will not be performing weigh-ins for dogs who have already been welcomed into our Dog House.

Why don't you accept puppies for All-Day Play Care?

There are two reasons. First, dogs in our Play Care area must have all adult vaccinations completed. Second, most puppies cannot handle the adult dog social scene. Through experience, we have found that adult dogs have the same fascination for puppies that humans do. Unfortunately, many dogs do not or cannot restrain their enthusiasm for puppies. The puppy may be prodded and continually pestered by well-intentioned, friendly adult dogs. A puppy is not equipped to handle this type of stimulation. His/her likely reaction--squirming, whining, snapping or fleeing--only serves to excite adult dogs even more. If you are contemplating Play Care for your puppy, we strongly recommend giving him/her some time to mature behaviorally before running with the big dogs.

How often will my dog go outside?

We plan to let your dog get outside several times a day for a potty break. If the the weather is nice, we will lead your dog outside, with his playmates, for play.

Would you feed my dog?

We would be happy to feed your dog on his/her regular schedule if you provide the food. There is no charge for this service. Your dog will be fed in private so he/she does not feel competitive pressure from other dogs. Due to the presence of other dogs, we cannot leave your dog's food out and available all day for free-feeding.

Would you administer medication to my dog?

We certainly will, if it can be done without veterinary supervision. Just bring your dog's medication in the original packaging (bottle, tube, box, etc.) with the veterinarian-issued instruction label. If you provide pill pockets, or similar material, we will use those. Otherwise, we deliver pills in a small peanut butter and bread snack if your dog tolerates peanut butter. We will also deliver liquid and injectable medications as necessary.

Your web site says All-Day Play Care runs until 7:00 pm. What if I am running late?

That happens from time to time. You are busy and Atlanta traffic can be a nightmare. We strongly encourage you to designate one or more representatives who can take responsibility for picking up your dog if you are running late. As a busy person with a full schedule, you can appreciate why we need to end our long day at 7:00 pm. With this in mind, if no one arrives by 7:00 pm to pick your dog up, we will lovingly and safely keep your dog as our guest for the night. An overnight boarding fee of $36 dollars will be charged in lieu of your one-day Play Care rate.

How do I designate a representative to pick up my dog?

Please do this in advance--usually the first time you check your dog in for Play Care. We need your signed release to transfer your dog to your representive. For safety and to avoid potential miscommunication, we cannot release your dog to anyone other than yourself, without written consent. Additionally, until we get to know your representative, he/she will need to present a photo I.D. when picking up your dog.

Tell me about your Rapid Flow-Through program.

We designed the Rapid Flow-Through program with the busy commuter in mind. Your day is long enough without adding extra time to pick up and drop off your dog at Play Care. Our driveway and Play Care drop-off/pick-up point are designed to let you get in and get out in less than 2 minutes, provided your dog is pre-registered to enter Play Care. Essentially, you pull into our driveway, stop very close to the lobby, pick up or drop off your dog, and continue straight ahead out of our parking area onto a quiet sidestreet.